The history of the U.S.S. ERIE would be lacking, if it failed to deal with matters like the fate of the German U-Boat (the U-163) which brought about the ERIE’s demise, the removal of the ERIE from the inner harbor at Willemstad, Curacao, recognition of the service and sacrifices made by U.S. Navy personnel who served aboard the ERIE and the legacy of the ERIE-Class gunboats.

The following “postscripts” present “the rest of the story” (click on any link and a PDF document will open in a new window):

U-163 Operations and Loss After Attack on the ERIE

Removal of ERIE's Hulk from Willemstad Harbor, Curacao

Remembrance Ceremony in March 2005

Remembrance Ceremony held on 70th anniversary of attack on the U.S.S. ERIE, November 12, 2012:

The Legacy of the ERIE-Class Gunboats